A Branded Environment

How Greenhaus and Visit Anaheim took over IPW 2019

As our name implies, we’re all about growth. But who could’ve known just how big one of our campaigns would become…

In June 2019, the city of Anaheim had the honor of hosting the travel and tourism industry’s premier event. Determined to make the most of this rare opportunity, Greenhaus brought both the destination and our award-winning “Uncommon Character” branding campaign to life in memorable, unexpected, and well, uncommon ways.

How do you take over a place with a place? It starts with a brand.

Inspired, larger than life characters are in Anaheim’s DNA. We’re a city built on imagination, possibility and ingenuity. Today that spirit is unleashing a wave of new spots and experiences across the city. All with their own unique visions and vibes. So we’re inviting curious collaborators and experimental explorers to come and hang out with us.

A “larger-than-live” branded experience.

We. Went. Big. But the key to bringing our characters (and Anaheim’s character) to life was creating a live and interactive attendee experience via an integrated branded environment that began with an immediate and immersive convention center lobby activation and flowed into a large-scale show floor experience of uncommon proportions.

See our unconventional convention takeover

Beyond the booth: characters at every turn.

Of course, when you’re the IPW host city, the show floor and booth is just the beginning. Greenhaus ideated, proposed and secured multiple “out of the box” opportunities and locations for further widespread brand disruption. A routine press brunch transformed into a bustling SoCal Street Festival, a luxe hotel property amplified and energized with character and color, even nearby plazas and streets activated in new and uncommon ways.

See uncommon characters in
uncommonly engaging places

"Hosting IPW was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Visit Anaheim and a perfect place to amplify our Uncommon Character brand.

Greenhaus blew us away with the brand activation! The way they were able to bring the campaign to life in an integrated, branded environment really made a statement and put our campaign on the map!"
Sue O’Shea, Director of Marketing

Let’s Bring Your Brand To (Larger Than) Life.

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